Propadyn is a dynamic force in the market and a leading product for humidity stabilisation to preserve and protect works of art and more …

The success of Propadyn is unstoppable. The innovative dynamic humidity stabilizer created and patented by Propagroup is establishing its sound reputation in the world of art as well as in new applications.

After having passed very strict lab and ground tests with flying colours such as the preservation of Michelangelo’s study for the Cumaean Sybil’s head during its shipment to Japan and the protection of the Samurai Armour in the Royal Armoury in Turin, Propadyn is ready to face new challenges.

Thanks to the experience acquired through a series of collaborations and projects with pharmaceutical, textile, manufacturing and construction concerns Propadyn will soon be in the market with new versions applicable to other fields.

Propadyn is ready to meet and overcome new challenges and if you have one to propose please contact us: sure enough we will stabilise it!