Dear customers,
it has been a week since our last update and many things have changed around the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
A state of emergency has been decreed in almost all the states of the European Union and not only.
India has ordered the complete shutdown of all activities; the city of New York has completely emptied itself and is likely to be the largest outbreak in the world; the UK has gone from an opening to a total closure.
Despite everything, however, the search for a "new" normality affects all citizens of the world and, also at Propagroup, we have radically changed our habits, adapting our daily way of living and working.
We inform you however that Propagroup, in line with the government DCPMs issued, is always operational with its commercial, logistic and production departments, always ready to be close to you to respond and follow your daily requests.
We will keep you updated, as usual, in the coming days.



Dear customers,

as you may have heard from the media, yesterday our government issued a new decree concerning the COVID-19 emergency.

This DPCM decree March 22nd 2020 provides for the closure of many production activities starting today. We would like to inform you that Propagroup activity is not one of those subject to closure as it falls into a category deemed strategic (ATECO code 22.2 Manufacture of plastic articles).

Therefore our activities always continue in compliance with the rules imposed by the government and for the protection of our employees.

New updates will follow in the coming days.



Dear customers,

as promised, we share an update on the COVID-19 emergency.

Since our last news on March 12th there have been many changes due to the spread of the virus in many European countries and around the world. The main ones concern the restrictive measures applied by almost all european states, measures quite similar to those already active in Italy.

These measures are also causing considerable difficulties in terms of business continuity. In fact, many companies, large and small, have already decided to close all or part of their activities. As a result,  commercial exchanges throughout our continent are becoming considerably more complicated, especially in logistics.

Despite all the difficulties mentioned above, at the moment Propagroup activity continues regularly and, if problems arise in the next few days in connection with the delivery of your order, you will be immediately informed by your usual business contacts with whom a solution will be found by mutual agreement.

We thank you and will keep you informed in the coming days.



We would like to update you on the emergency situation in our country due to COVID-19.

Propagroup continues to be active on a commercial, administrative, manufacturing and logistical level.

The Prime Minister's decree approved yesterday evening provides:

1- Suspension of commercial activities excluding  basic needs

2- Closure of restaurants and other food services

3- Closure of services to people

However, the industrial and transport activities that take on anti-contagion safety protocols, measures that our company has already implemented, remain open.

Having taken all the appropriate precautions required by the decree, Propagroup can continue its regular activity.

We remain at your complete disposal and will keep you updated in the coming days.


10 MARCH 2020

Many of you may be aware of the recent directives and extended restrictions effective as of today in Italy to prevent the spread of Covid.-19. The ‘’red zone’’, initially created in Northern Italy, has been now extended to the whole country until 3 April 2020.

This new measure imposes temporary limitation of our daily activities; all gathering, sports, associative and recreational activities are not allowed.

We face a delicate period and our daily habits have to be immediately adjusted.

Propagroup is complying with the directives and guidelines received by the Italian government aimed at limiting the spread of the virus and we are working hard to manage efficiently the situation under these exceptional circumstances. We would like to confirm that we are able to process orders, produce and deliver goods regularly.

We adapted our way of working to limit the spread of the virus by increasing opportunities for teleworking, thus guaranteeing normal functioning of our company while protecting people’s health.     

We will update you on the evolution of the situation through our website and LinkedIn page so that you can receive information in real time on our functioning.

We are confident that by following the directives and guidelines, we will go through this hard moment and be back soon to normality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards

Propagroup S.p.A.