Questions & Answers

How do you know when Propadyn is exhausted?

To know when it is time to replace Propadyn, you need to control its weight change. If there is a data logger, it will indicate when it is time to replace it.


What percentage of relative humidity can Propadyn stabilize?

Propadyn can be calibrated and stabilize humidity between 30 and 80%. For any other percentage requested, there are different Propadyn.


Is Propadyn a desiccant?

Propadyn is not a desiccant, it is much more, it is a dynamic humidity stabilizer. Propadyn is able to absorb and release humidity. With the same product, you can raise and lower the humidity level according to the demands and needs.


Can Propadyn be regenerated?

Propadyn has been designed and developped as it is to be regenerated. Once its regolation capacity is finished, it can be regenerated, giving it the original relative humidity value for maximum two times, restoring completely its characteristics of use.