Propadyn humidity stabilizer in the display case of approximately eight cubic meters made for the Samurai armour at Royal Armoury of Turin.

Propadyn was chosen by the Museum Centre of Turin to stabilize the humidity inside a display case of about eight cubic meters. This rather ambitious project realized by the firm OTT ART, sponsored by the Cultural Heritage of Intesa Sanpaolo, provided for the creation of an innovative display case of a very important size.

The Japanese armour B.53 is kept inside this display case, catalogued as such by the Armoury in 1890 when it arrived in Turin. The armour was carefully placed in the display case after a long period of restoration carried out by a leading team of professionals. Its composition, a mixture of steel, gold, silver, copper, polychrome wood, lacquer, leather, silk and hemp, combined with the critical climatic conditions due to the absence of air-conditioning, made the work of Propadyn very intense.

For the stabilization of the humidity inside of such an impressive glass case, eight Propadyn were used, 3400 format of 400 grammes.

Despite the large internal volume and significant external environmental fluctuations, the relative humidity was maintained right from the early days, at a predetermined value between 46 and 48%. This was a good test for our Propadyn that will take care, over time, to maintain these percentages for the preservation of the artwork.

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