Propadyn humidity stabilizer

The art of protecting art…

Artistic heritage is priceless and its value has to be protected, for this reason we designed and created Propadyn Museart, a dynamic humidity stabilizer, in our advanced research laboratories.

Propadyn Museart is increasingly more appreciated by the art world for its effectiveness and ease of use, plus it is composed mainly of organic/biodegradable ingredients.

There are numerous commercially available products capable of absorbing and eliminating the moisture present in the air. Propadyn Museart is much more. Propadyn controls and stabilizes humidity at the desired level in a gradual manner, without abrupt fluctuations, based on transport or storage needs. 

Propadyn Museart stands out for its versatility and effectiveness:

  • it constantly maintains the desired level of humidity inside closed environments ranging in size from a small box to a shipping container, during transport and storage, even for long periods of time and without any need for electricity.
  • It can be used in every type of climate situation: from the desert to the tropics, in places with high or low humidity levels.
  • Propadyn Museart can be programmed to maintain the desired degree of humidity, between 35 and 80 percent.

Technical characteristics:

  • Propadyn Museart prevents humidity fluctuations originating from internal or external sources by gradually compensating for the entry or escape of moisture, thus constantly maintaining a stable level of humidity as programmed. Propadyn Museart rapidly corrects variations in humidity, preventing abrupt fluctuations and constantly maintaining the desired humidity.
  • It is highly effective both in absorbing and releasing the desired humidity.
  • It requires no pre-conditioning prior to use.
  • It is regenerable.
  • It does not release liquid and powder during use, which is the most frequent drawback of many dehydrating agents and humidity controllers. Propadyn Museart is not deliquescent and can therefore be used under all conditions.
  • It enables high energy savings in synergy with air conditioning systems.
  • Thanks to its chemical composition, it acts as a flame retardant, countering the propagation of fire.
  • Propadyn Museart is not affected by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and, at the same time, is able to absorb a high amount of these atmospheric VOC.
  • Propadyn Museart is entirely made in Italy.

With Propadyn Museart humidity is controlled and stabilized...