The Study of the Head of the Sibilla Cumana by Michelangelo
Royal Library of Turin
Royal Library of Turin

Propadyn stabilizes the relative humidity of “The Study of the Head of the Sibilla Cumana” by Michelangelo during its trip to Japan.

The first great world stage of the Propadyn humidity stabilizer was on the occasion of an important artwork delivery transported inside a climaframe: "The study of the head of the Sibilla Cumana" by Michelangelo. In the summer of 2016, the artwork was shipped to Japan for an itinerary exhibition.

Thanks to the efficiency of Propadyn, this work of art by Michelangelo was stabilized and protected, returning without any problems connected to humidity.

During the six months of the itinerary, despite important changes in temperature, Propadyn managed to guarantee optimal protection inside the climaframe, stabilizing it at 55%.

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