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Humidity stabilizer for Preventive Conservation

The fundamental role of Propadyn in Preventive Conservation

Propadyn is a humidity stabilizer and, as such, has an essential role in the Preventive Conservation of a work of art.

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Propadyn is a dynamic force in the market and a leading product for humidity stabilisation to preserve and protect works of art and more …

The success of Propadyn is unstoppable. The innovative dynamic humidity stabilizer created and patented by Propagroup is establishing its sound reputation in the world of art as well as in new applications.

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Propadyn obtained a great success at the Restoration Fair in Ferrara

The moisture controller Propadyn obtained a great success yesterday at the Restoration Fair in Ferrara.

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Propadyn will be presented at the Restoration Fair of Ferrara

The 23th Edition of the Restoration Fair will be held in Ferrara from the 22nd to the 24th of March 2017.

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