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Propadyn at National Museum in Helsinki

Our Propadyn humidity stabilizer at the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

Our Propadyn humidity stabilizer was presented to the Finnish public and an audience of conservators during a seminar at the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki, in collaboration with the company John Berger Oü, our partner in Finland and other northern European countries.

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Propadyn presented at Rome Pigorini Museum’s ‘Movement Art’

Propadyn had the great honour of being presented by Maurizio Torcellan of OTT ART in a course on the transportation and handling of works of art entitled ‘Movement Art’ and held at the Luigi Pigorini National Prehistoric and Ethnographic Museum of Rome.

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Propadyn at All4Pack in Paris

Propadyn achieves innovation award 2018

We are pleased to announce that our dynamic humidity stabilizer PROPADYN has been selected by the Expert Pack Committee as one of the 11 Innovation Awards 2018 at ALL4PACK Paris!

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IIC 2018 Turin Congress

IIC 2018 Turin Congress: very successful for our humidity stabilizer Propadyn

We thank everybody came to visit us during IIC 2018 Turin Congress at Politecnico in Turin and had a significant interest in our new and innovative humidity stabilizer Propadyn.

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Nanjing museum delegation

Nanjing museum visited Propagroup S.p.A.

The delegation for relics conservation of Nanjing Museum visited Propagroup Italy to learn more about the new unique material Propadyn.

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