Fondazione Fila Museum
Fondazione Fila Museum

The PROPADYN dynamic humidity stabilizer successfully tested at the Fila di Biella Museum.

The Fila Museum in Biella also tested the PROPADYN dynamic humidity stabilizer.

The Fila Museum Foundation in Biella (Italy) contains a part of the historical heritage of the sportswear of our country. In addition to the clothing collections of almost one hundred years of history, the foundation exhibits part of the production of its own sports shoes. This shoes colelction is partially visible, as well as to professionals in the sector, also to the public. During the visit, you can retrace the historical-technological evolution of the products, from which many creative contemporary designers continue to draw inspiration.

The need to keep the exposed shoes visible and available for inspection has conditioned the methods of preservation up to the present day. The use of non-barrier materials has made collections vulnerable to attacks by external agents such as humidity, the main cause of deterioration.

To improve this sensitive point, Propagroup S.p.A. proposed a collaboration-test to the museum for a period of about 1 month (from 30/10 to 4/12/2017). PROPADYN, the innovative eco-compatible humidity regulator, was inserted inside some packages, with a calibration of RH (Relative Humidity) equal to 50-55%, together with dedicated data loggers for the detection of environmental variations.

At the end of the test, the data analysis confirmed that the use of PROPADYN completely cancelled the strong environmental fluctuations (mainly those during the night-day, represented by the blue lines of the graph) that in the past have been the cause of partial deterioration of the leather surfaces of the shoes.

In this case, too, Propadyn has proved highly effective, flexible, functional and capable of conserving and stabilizing, a collection that is part of the technical-sports culture of our country in an environment without particular protection systems.