Propadyn at Pigorini Museum in Rome
Propadyn at Pigorini Museum in Rome

Propadyn presented at Rome Pigorini Museum’s ‘Movement Art’

Propadyn had the great honour of being presented by Maurizio Torcellan of OTT ART in a course on the transportation and handling of works of art entitled ‘Movement Art’ and held at the Luigi Pigorini National Prehistoric and Ethnographic Museum of Rome.

In particular, an explanation was given on how to select the Propadyn format most suitable for the various handling phases, such as packaging, transport and final display, highlighting the numerous advantages of using Propadyn for the conservation of works of art.

Propadyn is an extremely successful product, appreciated for its outstanding performance in stabilizing humidity inside cases, in order to perfectly preserve important finds and works of art over time.

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