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Propadyn protects the ‘Throne of Grace’ on its return to Caltagirone

Once again, the Propadyn humidity stabilizer has the honour of protecting a major work of art, the ‘Throne of Grace’, which returns from the Vatican Museums to the Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone, owner of the work, for a permanent exhibition. Together with the ‘Throne of Grace’, another work, the ‘Holy Trinity’, by the same artist, Vrancke van der Stockt, will be temporarily displayed on loan to the Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone from the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid.

The exhibition, ‘The Throne of Grace - Return of the Flemish Panel to Caltagirone’, organized by the Superintendency for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Catania and the Diocesan Museum, came to life as a project entitled ‘Throne of Grace 4.0’ involving the collaboration of various companies, including: See Your Box, specialized in real-time asset monitoring; Aon Italia, number one in risk consulting; Apice, market leader in fine-arts logistics; Ott Art, market leader in showcases; and, of course, Propagroup, contributing all its experience in the protection of assets from moisture damage.

The ‘Throne of Grace’ project began in 2014 with the restoration of the painting at the Vatican Museum’s laboratories, which ended in March this year. The project is set to continue for about two years, during which the work will be constantly monitored during all phases, from packing, transport and setting up of the exhibition right through to its permanence in the museum. The name of the project, ‘Throne of Grace 4.0’, derives from See Your Box’s high-tech, Industry 4.0 approach to monitoring the work.

The joint exhibition of the ‘Throne of Grace’ and the ‘Holy Trinity’ at the Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone will be inaugurated on the 13th of June by a special guest, Professor José Juan Pérez Preciado, one of the world’s leading experts in Flemish art, who collaborates with the Prado Museum of Madrid.

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