Protection of artwork in case

Open museums and works of art constantly protected from sudden changes in temperature and humidity with Propadyn

Museums are finally open again, if only on weekends, but our Propadyn Museart dynamic stabilizer is always there to protect artworks from sudden changes in temperature and humidity, even when the exhibition halls aren’t open to the public. 

Indeed, when museums are closed, works of art are, in any case, subject to changes in temperature and humidity caused by outside atmospheric variations affecting the interior environments. Unique in the sector, Propadyn Museart guarantees continuous protection by gradually regulating and stabilizing humidity at the desired level, thus preventing variations that can be harmful to the works of art. 

Propadyn Museart can maintain the desired humidity level for a prolonged time not only inside display cases, but also in crates and packaging, without using any electricity. Furthermore, Propadyn Museart can maintain a programmed humidity level, between 35 and 80 percent, in any climatic situation that occurs inside museums or during the transport of works of art.

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